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My teaching...

If I had to just choose one word to sum up my teaching it would be ‘accessible’

Thats truly what I want each and everyone of you to experience, whether it be in a class, a workshop or on a retreat. You have to feel included in the whole experience!

Believe me I have been that student who has gone along to a class and suddenly found myself sat on my mat watching (normally just a small percentage!) of the class doing a flow or pose which wasn’t accessible to the majority of the class, including myself.

What is all that about? Yoga isn’t a performance, it isn’t a circus yet all of a sudden you feel like you have taken that front row seat, get out the popcorn why don’t you?! Did I leave these classes inspired? Sometimes, but mostly I left feeling well...a bit ‘left out’

So, I vowed to never be that teacher, to do my best to make each and every class enjoyable and accessible as much as I possibly could. Of course, there are times when someone is in a class nursing an injury and they may need to take a rest and listen to their body but I aim to never let anyone feel ‘left out’

More about my classes will follow shortly...

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